• Rugby was a strange game to all of us. Actually we don't even know what rugby really was but that was till the 15th December 1990. The day when all of us came to this historic ground and with the of MI, we were introduced to the game. We started training early in 1991. Throughout the year we've seen the glorious All Blacks squad of 1991 triumph over their opponents victoriously. None of us can describe our feeling for being a rugger player at that time. How proud we are to join the pack and it was indeed a grand feeling. But then again no one knows what's going to happen. Disaster struck on the day of the MSSPK final. The All Blacks were up against the Cobras. Even though all the members of the All Blacks squad fought till the end, we still lost the game. With our own eyes we saw the All Blacks being thrashed by the Cobras. A member of the All Blacks even broke his hand in the process of defending our pride. Their venom was so vital that none of us could withstand it. Sad but true, there were no more victory, the glory that we're after had fallen out of our grasp. The only thing that left with us was shame. Then as the year came to the end there was the candlelight. Each and everyone of us had made an oath to the member of the All Blacks squad 1991. An oath that we will carry to 1995. An oath to regain the crown that we had lost. With that oath, the All Blacks squad of 1991 left us to carry on the fight that they had lost. Deep inside each and everyone of us we felt afraid that we might end up the same way they had but we were determined to change it........ somehow.

    1992 was certainly a 'year' of our squad. Our team had no where to go. Our only aim was the SBP Carnival but it was cancelled on the last minute. Nearly all of us were disappointed for our only chance to test our team had been blown away. Some of us made it into the U15 squad of 1992 while others were left with nothing to do. Our team started to fall apart. A few of our member even decided to quit the team without realizing that they had made a big mistake. As for the U18 squad, they lost in the second round of the tournament. As we approach 1993, we realized that the responsibilities that we have to carry on our shoulders were even far greater. For this time it is us who will carry the All Blacks name to win back the title. We trained hard with Mr. Husin to guide us. In this year also, the Form 1 were blessed with the Bung Wak Project by the Old Boys. Frankly speaking, most of us were quite unhappy about it but what can we do. We didn't even receive a proper treatment from college for our tournament. We went into the MSSPK tournament with the lack of experience and game skills but we were determined to show our best. At first all was well. We proceed to the semifinal where our foe was the Tigers. Then another disaster struck us as we were unfairly judge. We lost 3-0 to the Tigers. Their massive roars managed to overwhelmed us. At this point, we felt that our hearts were shattered to pieces. Thank god Mrs Zulaifah was there to comfort us even though she didn't really like the sport. We failed again and our chance to prove our worthiness of being an All Blacks member flown away. The U18 squad also met the same fate. The only managed to make it to the semifinal. The All Blacks name began to fade in the arena where it was well known and respected.

    1994 didn't hold much memories for us. Most of us make it into the U18 squad but we still lost to our traiditional enemy, the Centipedes. The All Blacks had never won against the Centipedes since 1992 and onwards. Their stings were so dangerous that the All Blacks never have the chance to teach them a lesson. This year was also the year Mr. Mark Howell came. He's a Maori and also happen to be an original All Blacks member of New Zealand. He was paid by the Old Boys to coach us for the annual match against the Vajiravudh College in Bangkok with the hope of at least giving a good fight to the Vajiravudh boys. We failed to impressed the Old Boys in Bangkok but fortunately the Old Boys decided that Mr. Mark Howell should on for another year. It was indeed a blessing to the All Blacks squad of 1991-1995.

    1995 came. The year that we've been waiting for. The year that we need to fulfill our oath that had been made to the All Blacks member in 1991. The year that we need to accomplish the things that have been left undone. The training started as soon as we came back from the holiday. All the remaining members of the All Blacks squad 1995 who had survived the 4 crucial years were reunited. We even received a few members who were commited enough to the team. Mr. Mark Howell introduced to us a new view of rugby. We learned new techniques, new game plans and most important of all we required back our confidence as we go on. We started 1995 by winning the 10 aside SEMESTI opens in December. Then the 7 aside open but we weren't so lucky at the Jonah Jones tournament in Kuala Lumpur. We've won against the Black Scorpion of RMC and the MCOBA team during the Old Boys Weekend. As we proceed, our confidence grew and we were even more determined to regain what we have lost.

    A few days before the MSSPK tournament, the official team was formed. The All Blacks squad of 1995. The treece was entrusted to Byol who is also the stand off of the team. The inside and outsides were Boyanz and Mud, both were able to confuse their opponents with their sidesteps and evasive runnings. The wingers were Popeye, Izzy and Sabier who ran as if they had wings on their backs. The scrum halfs were Syul and Che Wah who were always alert and had the strength of steel. The full back was Amrul who seldom misses his target and tackles with all his might and make the All Blacks territory safe from opponents try.

    The forward pack consists of Meon and Kimal who is tall and stable as the Empire State Building with Maneye and Badaque as hookers whose throws were accurate and delivered the ball to where it was needed. Mohsein, Vellu, Jemouque, Gbe and Faidz fill up the second rows. Apek who is hot tempered and a bit greedy but always make it to the try zone took the responsibilities as the eight man of the team. Penew, Pian and Dollah spend almost all their time in the field chasing the ball and making the opponentsnever had a chance to make a move. They were always mentally and physically prepared and they were among the best flankers ever been produced by the All Blacks squad within the last 5 years. Other than that there's also a few juniors who were qualified enough to join us so that they will have the chance to watch and learn from Mr. Mark. The most unfortunate rugger player was our former treece line member who had broken his leg during a friendly match early this year. His broken leg marked the end of his career as a rugger player but even though he's unable to join us he still gave his full support to the team. The unfortunate member of the All Blacks squad of 1991-1995 was Mat Nor.

    The All Blacks 1995 entered the tournament with it official member on 20th April 1995. There's a determination inside each individual to get back the cup we have dreamt for all these years. With the help of Mr. Mark Howell, Mr. Husin and the support of Mrs. Zulaifah and the rest of the collegians we made it to the semifinal. We're up against our old enemy, The Centipedes. However we managed to overcome their poisonous stings and gave a taste of the All Blacks magic. We won against the Centipedes and proceed to the final. The team we're up against was the Tigers. The same team that had shattered our dreams in 1993. The nightmare that we had in 1993 began to flood back in our mind. Mr. Mark managed to calm us and told each and every individual about their jobs. We stepped into the field praying that things would turn a little bit unusual. The fight was tough but each member of the All Blacks squad had their jobs done. 85 minutes after the starting whistle was blown another whistle was blown by the referee. Our dreams of becoming the best had come true. We had triump over the Tigers 21-14. The sweet taste of the victory began to fill the air as Gemilang and Vinac was sung over and over again. 22nd of April was certainly a day to be remembered by the All Blacks squad of 1995. At that moment, all of us realized that our oath had been fulfilled and we're worthy of the All Blacks title. We had regained the crown that we have lost for years and the cup was brought back to where it belongs. Even though we weren't the 'project' team, we had proved that we were really made of. After becoming the Perak Champion we kept on training for the annual MC-VC match. The Old Boys were supporting us new equipment and a new coach because Mr. Mark had left us. With the help of Mr. Tai Fat, Mr. Mustapha Ishak and Mr. Husin we kept on training. Mr. Tai Fat training was tough with a lot of mentally based training and some of us nearly gave up but he kept on motivating us and giving us the spirits that we needed badly.

    At last, the big day that we've waiting for came. We went into the pitch with a strong will planted inside us to rewrite the history of the All Blacks of 1963. The starting whistle was blown and our fight with the Thais began. It was the toughed match we had ever faced but we weren't least afraid of them. Tackles were made, penalties given were taken and drop goal were made. However, it was clear that they are far more experienced than us. As the final whistle blown, the Thais celebrate it delightfully. We failed but somehow we were satisfied with the game. It was the best game we had ever had. This final game was also the closing game for the All Blacks squad of 1995. It was the point where we passed the responsibilities and the sacred tradition of the All Blacks to the generations. Let the spirit lives on inside each and everyone of the young All Blacks member who had joined the pack. The job had been done. The All Blacks of 1995 had done their part to regain the crown and now it is the responsibilities of the other member of the pack to protect and preserve it. Let the magic lives on...................


    Vandeirk 95

    Leader of the Herd

    Captain of the Team