The 1995 under 18 rugby team had started the rugby training session for the year 1995 as soon as we came back from annual game against Vajiravudh College in Bangkok. Eventhough we'd lost the game, there are some kind of spirit in each and everyone of the players to bring back the name and glory of The Malay College in rugby arena.

With high spirit and commitment from all players, we tried to build up our team. The presence of Mr. Mark Howell (coach from New Zealand) and Mr. Husin as All Blacks 95's coach had opened a new era in the rugby team of The Malay College. We had been exposed to new tactics and techniques to improve our game. Eventhough at first we seemed to be uncomfortable with these new techniques but as time goes on we managed to use them practically in our game. The opponent really surprised with our game which were more powerful and effective.

The real battle of The All Blacks 95 started with a friendly match against MJSC Taiping in October 1994. We won 17-10. Eventhough we'd gain victory, the game level was not satisfying enough. To overcome this problem, we arranged several friendly matches and joined opened championship organised in Perak. This was to test All Blacks 95 team as well as giving experience to the players.

In the Perak Open Tournament, both team sent by Malay College had won both division. With this victory, we'd brush up our training to face the 15 A Side Rugby Tournament between schools in Perak held on 20 April 1995. Before we jump into the field, we had some friendly matches against Black Scorpion (RMC) and MCOBA. With experiences from these two games, we fight into the MSSPK Under 18 Tournament held in Kuala Kangsar, our homeground.

At last we had won the tournament after beating Sek. Men King Edward VII in the final. With this victory we had become Perak Champion and hence bring back the trophy we had dreamed since 8 years before. We kept training hardly to prepare our team to play against Vajiravudh College on 4th August 1995 although without Mr. Mark Howell whose contract had ended. Beside that, 5 of the college players had been chosen to represent Perak to MSSM 15 A Side Rugby Tournament held in Kuala Terengganu. They are :

Three weeks before the game between Vajiravudh College, we had a new coach, Mr. Tan Tai Fat (national coach). With his presence means the beginning of the intensive training for the All Black 95 team. A series of friendly matches had been arranged for the team as a preparation for the annual game as well as to upgrade skills and build confidence.

Finally, the judgement day arrived. The All Blacks players walked into the field in high spirit with thoughts to beat the opponent. Scrums, mauls and rucks had been done but we still can't penetrate the enemy's defend shield. When the final wisel blowed, the game ended 39-3 with victory on their side. 4 August 1995 was the date when ended our fight, the fight of All Blacks 95. Our team had been awarded as the Best Team of 95 during Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang that year.

Thousands of thanks and gratitude to the college and Mr. Husin as well as to everyone elsefor the support and commitment given during our fights that year. May The Malay College always be in glory and The All Black Team always be feared in the rugby arena.


Prepared by,

Syahrul Azrin b. Alias


All Blacks Squad 95.